Good Players Dont Care About Winning

Michael Shukis

Good Players Don't Care About Winning


It's easy to get caught up in results. Winning is fun. Losing isn't. Watching teams win and lose works the same way. But win or lose the results don't matter.

The more you focus on results, the more you get the ones you don't want. Success runs from the person trying too hard to catch it. Ignore the results.

To most people, success means winning. Players are successful if they score and assist. Coaches are successful if they win games. Teams are successful if they win championships.

We have it wrong. Our view of success is getting us in trouble.

Success blinds us from things that matter. Things like being on time, cleaning up, and being respectful. Other things like a positive attitude, being a good teammate, and effort are important. They're more important than we realize.

Some people don't think these things matter. They might say they do, but they believe there are bigger issues to worry about. So they ignore these small things. And that is a fatal mistake.

The more teams win the less little things seem to matter. They get lost in winning and focus on things that don't matter. Things like the team's record, individual statistics, playing time, pictures, money, and fame. These are attractive, but they don't matter.

Success is funny. The more you focus on winning, the less you win. Statistics, playing time, and money are distractions to winning. It's best to ignore them.

Play the game for the right reasons. Do your job. Focus on the small things. Good things happen when you work hard, have a good attitude, and control what you can control. If you do these things, you're already successful.

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