Origin of Me

Michael Shukis

Origin of Me


My name is Michael Shukis. I am just a man from a small town Homer, Nebraska. I would have been amazed if someone told me I would be coaching and bettering student athletes.

Michael is a beautiful family name and I’m grateful to honor my father’s and grandfather’s name. My mother was initially not a fan of the name Michael. However, my father persuaded her to love it and here I am. I come from a family of hard working farmers. Helping around the farm, stretching with the cows, jogging with the horses, lifting with the tadpoles, and running with the chickens were lovely memories of my childhood at Homer.

My full name is Michael Olaftus Shukis. My grandfather immigrated from Russia to the United States in 1953. My last name is quite ironic, it means “To comb” in Russian but my father was bald, my grandfather was bald, and I’m balding at age 29. I take great pride in the last name Shukis. I understand my ancestors worked hard to put me in a great position. I truly love my job and healthy lifestyle and want to share it with you! This website is a way for me to express my life experiences, my opinion on health, my opinion of my wife, my hair loss, and anywhere else in between.

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