Coach People

Michael Shukis

Coach People


Coaches take pride in their plans. They plan practice so teams can (hopefully) perform well in games. Strength coaches spend hours planning training down to the second. The stronger plan usually beats the weaker one.

Planning is good. You should prepare and try to prepare others. As a coach, preparation is your job. But planning isn't everything. If you don't connect with people, plans are irrelevant.

Planning easily becomes distraction. It needs to be done, but it shouldn't be your only focus. People matter more than plans.

Remember that you're coaching people, not plans. You are responsible for guiding and inspiring young people.
There is no higher priority.

This doesn't mean planning should be neglected. It means planning is a prerequisite to good coaching. If you don't know how to plan and prepare, you shouldn't coach. The majority of your time should be focused on people, not planning.

Being a coach is a great responsibility; there might not be a more important role. Don't let the excitement of planning distract you from your job: helping young people. Someone might need your help right now. Don't let your desire to plan distract you from giving it.

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