The Books I Read in January and February 2022

The Power Broker by Robert Caro

This book was well worth the six weeks I spent reading it. Its 1,200 pages were full of fascinating details about the life of Robert Moses, the most powerful man in the State of New York in his time. Moses’ life is full of stories we can all learn from. Robert was able to create a life that placed him above and outside the democratic system. This was a phenomenal read about an interesting man. It is worth the time. 

The Moviegoer by Walker Percy

Walker Percy tells the story of Binx, a young stockbroker from New Orleans. Binx spends his free time watching movies, chasing women, and looking for things to make him happy. Percy shows us that a life spent searching for happiness leads to failure. Instead of searching for happiness, we should strive to be alert and engaged with the people around us. It is a great story and an enjoyable read.

What Makes Sammy Run? by Budd Schulberg

The story of Sammy Glick is more relevant today than ever. Sammy starts his life like many of us do: young, ambitious, and willing to do whatever it takes to reach the top. The top, to Sammy, is success how he defines it. He wants more money and to have it all. This is a book every young and ambitious person should read so they avoid the same trap.

Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? by Dr. Mark Hyman

It’s not easy to figure out what to eat. There are more opinions about nutrition than anything else. Nutrition information changes and contradicts itself every day. Dr. Hyman’s book is one of the most comprehensive books on nutrition I’ve read. It talks about every food group, what we should eat, and why. Dr. Hyman illustrates the problems with the current state of nutrition and how we can achieve optimal health.

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