Uncomfortable Choices

We all strive to get better and to improve. We set goals and dream of a better life. It’s easy for us to imagine getting a dream job, losing weight, or writing that book. Imagining is easy, but it is much harder to do it. To do it is uncomfortable. And it’s not uncomfortable for a moment. It is that way for a long time, and results are not guaranteed.

This example is clear with our physical goals. Most people want to lose weight, get in better shape, or build muscle. They want these things, but most are not willing to do the work. They are not willing to make the uncomfortable choice day in and day out to achieve these goals. It’s easy to go to the gym, but it is difficult to eat and sleep well. It’s easy to watch videos of others lifting weights, but it is difficult to go to the gym and lift weights. Our goals will not achieve themselves. We must be willing to sacrifice for what we want. Sacrifice happens when uncomfortable choices are made.

Learning a new topic or building your business takes years of uncomfortable choices. It is easy to read a few articles on the Internet, but it is difficult to study books and re-visit them to ingrain these topics. Listening to your favorite speaker or watching a video is convenient. Taking notes and researching different topics is difficult and time-consuming. If we want to learn and improve our abilities we must choose to do things that are difficult and inconvenient.

Nothing worthwhile is achieved through comfort and convenience. If we hope to get better or to provide a better life for the people we love, we must willingly make uncomfortable choices. If we make those choices often enough, we have a chance of making progress. Avoiding uncomfortable choices guarantees that you will stay right where you are. Remember that the next time you want to avoid something. There just might be a path forward if you choose to go through it.

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